Street View: Fall in Korea

We only visit the gym three times a week and every second and fourth day of the week we are walking around the town. It became our habit before our vacation in the Philippines.  Below is the photo I have taken the other day while we are doing our routine in the late afternoon, the trees are all in yellow colors.

Fall in Korea

The weather is already cold as expected so I am already wearing my winter jacket when we are walking, and of course I am not going to forgot to bring my camera.

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Dirty Snowy Streets and Careless Drivers

After  a long weekend we are back to the gym, its quite cold today maybe because it snowed last night. While walking in the street we are almost hit by a car trying to pull back, it seems the driver didn’t see us. So my husband knock to his door and tell him what he almost hit us particularly me who just happened to step forward. My husband told him to look at his side mirror before pulling back and as usual they didn’t understand each other, one is talking in English and the other one is in Hangul. It turns out the car is new and the driver is just learning on how to drive. We just walk away after my husband irk his anger.

All drivers should always check their mirror when driving, you may never know you already hit someone especially on this bad weather and dark evening.

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Middle of the Night and Craving for Pizza

I wake up late today, it is already noon time. Felt so tired last night, my husband asked me to buy some profiteroles but sad to say nothing is left so I bought muffins instead. When I reached home he is not satisfied with the bake goods and he asked me to look for pizza in the middle of the night, I walked to the pizza place I know and they are all closed. I thought his craving will end up there, but I am wrong he asked me to look for loaf of bread as he wants to have grilled cheese sandwich so I went out again and when I came home I prepared the grilled cheese sandwich.

Korean Local Bakeshop

It has been a long walk last night, I also try to go to Watsons to buy chocolates but it is already closed when I reached there.

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Walking Along the Streets of Korea

If motorcycle or jeepney is overflowing in Philippines here in Korea cars are overflowing, looking for evidence? See it for yourself, cars are park everywhere. Yeah, right that’s how it looks like here in the city where we lived the cars are just park in the street that sometimes cause traffic if there are cars in every intersection plus few people walking.

Korean Streets

Instead of two cars only one car can passed/used the street as in every corner there’s car on parking.  This is normal in inside streets but on national road you can’t say anything as they are very progressive on infrastructure and it is just amazing how  they connect one city to another.

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Korean Street Food: Sweet Corn

I am not active in blogosphere lately,  sort of busy and I have nothing to post, the ironic thing is when I am out of blogging world I have so many ideas on my mind to blog but once I log-in and plan to blog, nothing is left. Either I am empty on idea or it feels like it is worthless to share or to blog.

Jezz, few days ago I am craving for corn because it was a long time ago since I ate corn. I am craving because I always see corn in the food place near the gym so one day I bought  one packed for 3,000 won about 3 dollars maybe, imagine how expensive is it, in Philippines I can buy a bunch of corn with that money but the fact I am not in the Philippines  I have to eat the corn to the fullest..Haha!

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Spring Season with Mellow Yellow

I got a bad headache last night that I need to sleep early than usual, I was not able to finish my blog hop or do my blog hopping, when I wake in the morning my head is still aching so I return to bed and wake up in the after few hours, my head still feels heavy but it does not ache anymore.

The photo below was taken the other day when we are going to the gym, I have asked Pookie bear to change our route so I can take photo of the sakura tree nearby this office building, my shot is not that great because I am walking when I did this, feel shameful if someone saw me taking photo of a flower. As it is spring here, you can find lot of flowering sakura trees, mostly are white.

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