Chicken Kimchi Stew

As what I have said before I love experimenting with food, these past few days I have been tired eating adobo, chicken or pork. I want to try another dish and we have nothing here but kimchi so I tried to cook chicken and kimchi the other day and the result was great. I’m loving it!

Chicken Kimchi Stew

Pookie bear says it doesn’t look good, so I told him to try it because it tasted good but he won’t do it because he said he is on a diet. After few hours I found two chicken bones in the sink  and then my food container is almost empty, well your guess is right as mine Pookie bear cannot resist the temptation so I told him about his diet he just said he will ate small amount in the evening than the usual amount, he is  also using the soup to his scrambled egg. So as of today I have cooked another chicken kimchi stew and someone’s gonna drool over it. Lol!

My ingredients:

Chicken, Kimchi, Salt, Black pepper, Oil, Onion, Garlic, Water


  • In a  sauce pan or in a pot sauté garlic and onions on cooking oil.
  • Add the chicken to the pan. Friend it a little then add the kimchi and stir.
  • Add water enough for the chicken to boil.
  • Seasoned it with salt and black pepper.
  • Wait until the chicken became  tender.
  • Serve hot with plain rice.
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Enjoying the Snow in Korea

As of four o’clock in the afternoon there is a snow fall here in our place, I’ve been waiting for it because there’s already snow fall in Seoul but here it is still sunny. Then as I am working in front of my computer our room turns dark so I turn on the light and decided to cook rice , lunch  as well and when  I peep  in our window Yay, it is snowing. The excited me went out with my shorts and thin shirt without a slippers. Lol,  I didn’t even take time to get my slippers in the cabinet because I was such in a hurry. my feet cannot take the cold anymore I went inside and look for my sweater and grab my slippers in the cabinet. and I decided to shot a photo of me in the middle of the snow forget about the noodles I am boiling I’m busy on what I am doing.

Then returned again inside our apartment and cracked some eggs, Pookie bear will not be happy if he found out I did not cook his meal. After it, went outside again, now wearing a winter jacket and shoes. I left the noodles in the pot, the two locals working on the next apartment look at me maybe wondering if it is my first time to see snow. Lol!

Just so lucky that this metal thing is in front of our apartment so I was able to set the timer of my camera and take photo of myself. Hehe..when I returned inside our apartment the noodles for my pancit canton was not good to eat anymore, it is too sticky and wet. Now this is how it looks like after the snow. Scroll down..

Just kidding, this is how it looks like in Canada right now. My mother-in law send this pic to Pookie bear and it was send to me after wards.  My MIL says classes were postponed because some of the roads are not working, blocked by snow. As I look at the above photo it feels like your are living in an Igloo because snow is more than half of your house. This is just a two days snow how much more one week?

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